June 20, 2017

2017 Competition Results

What was that about best laid plans?

Originally, I had planned on entering two beers in the 2017 Newfermenters Homebrew Competition: a Kolsch, and a Fruit beer. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to get my fruit beer done, but I managed to enter a Kolsch.

Well, sort of.

I entered a beer in the Kolsch category, but frankly it ended up so far out of style, I don’t think it could even remotely be considered true to style. Just a few of the issues:

  • Not nearly clear enough
  • Way too high ABV (rang in at about 7%)
  • Off-flavours, most likely caused by infection

That’s right. My first competition is also my first truly infected beer. I’ve suspected a couple before, but this one is pretty blatantly off. Luckily, the flavour is at least drinkable – I got a peach/apricot flavour, while other tasters said they picked up apple or pineapple flavours.

I got some excellent feedback from Alicia MacDonald of Port Rexton Brewing, who was one of the judges for this year’s competition. Between her feedback, and my own critical eye, I’m hoping to nail down the process problems that lead to this beer being kind of a flop.

That, and bleaching the crap out of my plastic gear.

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