December 20, 2016

Advent Calendar, Day 15

by Matt
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As part of my mix-ups, I had this one on the 14th, but was frankly too tired to write up the post at the time. So, here’s the details: this was a dry-hopped sour, which is a neat idea – certainly something I’ve never tried before!

IMG_20161214_233404IMG_20161214_233636The nose was definitely hoppy, and I thought the hops might’ve included Mosaic, but the brewer indicated that he used Amarillo, citra and cascade. I didn’t know what I was drinking (had forgotten to check beforehand), so I wondered if this was a Grapefruit IPA, because it really had that grapefruity sourness, as well as the astringency I would associate with actual citrus. Since I’ve discovered that it was a sour, this also makes sense. The head retention was fantastic, carbonation was spot-on, and the colour was a nice golden.

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