December 17, 2016

Advent Calendar, Day 14

by Matt
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Finally getting to this one! Because of a mix up on my part, along with some snow-related delays, I’m only just getting to this one now. It’s a spiced Christmas ale, and I’ve only ever had one before, so this should be interesting

The nose is nicely chocolatey. The first mouthful has a lot going on! There’s definitely chocolate, and lots of different spices. A bit of heat, likely from the ginger and habanero peppers. Side note: habaneros, if you manage to get some that are not hot, are quite fruity and floral tasting. I think a little of that comes through here. The cinnamon comes through at the back of the palate, but isn’t overpowering. The spice balance in this is great, with a tiny bit of afterburn from the hot peppers.

There’s not much carbonation, and the head died down pretty quickly. I don’t know whether that matches with the style, but I think overly carbonated in this case might throw off the balance.


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